Al Grierson

With the passing of Al Grierson in the broiling Texas Hill country waters in November 2000, we

lose a fine artist and songsmith. Even more, a vital spirit and essential connection with History

(past and future) of the activist troubadour. Al was one of those people who brought us

the minimum wage, the 40 hour week, and full length songs that say something:

alot of things. In the vain of Woody and Pete Seeger, with the spirit of papa

Hemingway, and Sam Gompers "Candle For Durruti" harkens back

to a voice, guitar, and rack Harmonica. Truly a master Al

tunes fire the imagination, Light a candle, rather than

curse the darkness. Up the Revolution !!!!!

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Rick Blaine Retires to Luckenbach

© 1999 Al Grierson


1. Silly little people, silly little world


Silly little globe where silly boy meets silly girl

D G E7

Silly little appetites and silly little scenes

G A7


None of it amountin' to a silly hill of beans.


2. 0h, golly gee, why don't we act our age?


We're only bloody actors on a silly cosmic stage,

D G E7

Just hangin'out at Sardi's while we wait for our revues,

G A7


Too trivial for tragedy and too big for the blues.

3. Silly old Gestapo goin' to extremes

Gonna do the mess around in everybody's dreams

Just a woogie boogie man, ain't really nothing queer

Move out to Sedona if it ever happens here.

4. Oh, mercy me, what's become of us?

The last plane left for Lisbon and there's no room on the bus.

Just a world so dog bone weary it can barely tie its shoes,

Too trivial for tragedy and too big for the blues.

5. Nothin' to get up for. That's the way it goes.

Lie around and contemplate the stardust on my toes.

Leave it to the fat man. He can settle my affairs.

Send a card from Brazoville to anyone who cares.

6. Oh, glory be, sun of a gun,

The human race is over and I plumb forgot to run.

Now I'll never get my picture in the Sunday sporting news

Too trivial for tragedy and too big for the blues

7. Repeat first verse

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