Bruce Newman


    Title and players

  • Real Life
  • Hang Up and Drive
  • Child of the Storm
  • Caught in the Aughts
  • Angry Young Man (Again)
  • Ambassador From Mars
  • Warrior Musician
  • Trading in My Chevy
  • Red State Blues
  • I'm the Bullet in the Bone
  • Hippie Music
  • BFI (Blaze Foley Inside)
  • Japanese Guitar
  • The Pool is Closed Today
  • God Bless the Uninsured
  • If I Had Money (Bonus Track)
  • Barnstormers (Bonus Track)
  • Bye Bye Bush (live version - Bonus bonus Track)

2008 Produced by Barnstormers Music, Austin, Texas

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Click play to see the "Barnstormers" video Live from the Austin, TX



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